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  • About Zion Homes & Estates

    The company has completed 24 successful projects in promoting plots & flats with more than 600 reputed and loyal customers. The company is headed by Mr. V. Suresh who is having a keen business knowledge and technical expertise. Over the years the company has built a reputation in the reality business with a strong team to build a class apart in real estate with the highest standard of professionalism and customer satisfaction.

    We at ZION, build only the best homes and apartments in and around Chennai as we know our customers rate us only by the quality. Our own survival will be at stake here because it is commonsense to know that we will not be given any second chance if we do not deliver quality homes as word spreads faster. From innovative design and superior construction, to homeowner satisfaction, Zion homes and estates offer exceptional quality and the best value.

    As a builder, we listen to our buyers and meet their demands for the newest and best amenities offered in our apartments. One of the keys to ZION unprecedented success is that we incorporate our buyers needs and dreams into all of our projects. You can take comfort in knowing that you bought the best price, quality, choice and value in town.

    We understand that purchasing a plot/flat is one of the biggest investments that anyone will make in their lifetime.